Cycles: Supermoon∞

Photosensitive emulsion on rocks fromNabi Musa, pieces of antic mosaics and roman amphora handle. Around 35cm.

Three negatives in 33x95cm frame. Photographs of the supermoon rising from Nabi Musa, near Jericho.

On Monday, 14 November 2016, appeared in the sky a supermoon - the biggest supermoon since 1948. Jericho is known as the city of the moon. Its arabic name, Ariha, could have its origin in the name of the Canaanite moon god Yarikh, which is the provider of the dew, enabling the orchards to bloom in the desert - the moon operates as a symbol of life and renewal. Ariha refers both to the flagrance and to the moon god.

A picture of the supermoon, photographed from the Nabi Musa site near Jericho, is printed on the stones.

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